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Looking for Coworking Spaces?

Meeting room & Desk Booking

We provide tools to check meeting rooms, desks & other spaces availability, employee can check these availabilities and book accordingly.

Meeting Room & Desk Listing

All meeting rooms listed on a page gathered across your offices, wherein employees can book them while sitting in any city.

Employee Details

Using the view button from the listing page, employees can view the information shared by their coworkers all on one page. Such as - Name, Mobile Number, Office Information, Education Details, Work Experience and Interest and Hobbies.

Employee Connects

No more hassle to find contact information of your coworkers - making it the ultimate office social media application, where you can connect with them directly via call, chat, WhatsApp or email from our website & have the option to add them to your frequently contacted list.

How It Works


Create Your Digital Office

Add your company name, city, building details and voila! Your account is set up.


Add Your Employees

You can add your employees in a single click either by uploading an excel sheet or by inviting them to join.


Add Meeting Rooms & Desks

Add details of meeting rooms and desk of each office/floor wherein you can upload your office layout and actual photographs of the meeting room and desk. Along with the facilities, the meeting rooms offer.


You Are Ready To Go

Your digital office is ready to kick off with many interesting features. Login analytics, Meeting room & Desk booking system, Employee Connect, Project Groups, Office communication board along with many other employee engagement & office optimization tools.


The Pandemic dawned an important realisation on companies - not all employees may be needed at the office at all times.

Thus began the idea of creating software which assisted in booking desks & meeting rooms at your convenience - to help optimise workspaces, help employees manage their work-week and helped re-opening offices safely.

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